Jail Release / Warrants
At the Law Office of Joshua D. Saegert, phones are answered 24-Hours for jail release calls.The most timely and cost-effective way of getting yourself, family member, colleague or friend out of jail is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to begin the process of initiating a jail release as soon as possible.

Bond Types:

Personal Recognizance Bond (“PR Bond”)
In Travis County the pre-trial services department issues many “PR” Bonds to individuals who are not a flight risk and who have little or no criminal history. In the event that pre-trial services turns an individual down for a “PR” Bond, an attorney can still request that a judge sign and issue a “PR” Bond for that individual.

Cash Deposit Bond
In the event that you or your loved one is turned down for a “PR” Bond, the judge can still issue a Cash Deposit Bond. A Cash Deposit Bond is structured so that the individual puts a percentage of the bond amount down as a deposit with the court.

Surety Bond
A surety bond is placed in order to reassure the courts that the defendant will not skip bail. An attorney in certain circumstances can issue a Surety Bond to get someone out of jail; however, it is rarely done and should only be done as a last resort.

Jail Release / Warrants


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