Misdemeanors are minor crimes with a punishment ranging from a small fine to a loss of freedom of one year (or less). In Texas, these infractions are categorized into three classes (A, B, and C). Class A misdemeanors can include punishment of up to one year in jail; a fine of $2000 (maximum); and up to 3 years community supervision (if extended). Class B misdemeanors have the same amount of possible monetary fines and community supervision, but maximum jail time is 6 months. Class C misdemeanors do not include any jail time, but fines can be assessed as punishment of up to $500.00.

Bad checks, bail jumping, and public intoxication are examples of Class C Misdemeanors; prostitution, criminal trespass, and a first DWI are examples of a Class B Misdemeanor; and burglary of a vehicle, resisting arrest, and violating a protective order are all examples of a Class A Misdemeanor under Texas law.



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