Financial & Other White Collar Crimes
White collar crime isn’t always bank fraud or embezzlement of millions of dollars. Lesser federal and state charges such as check theft, identity theft, and embezzling money from your employer’s cash register are also white collar crimes and can result in serious penalties. Whether you have been charged with a federal felony or misdemeanor in state court, you must take your charges for a white collar crime seriously.

Corporate Investigations

Any indication that you are under investigation for embezzlement, insurance fraud, corporate fraud, or other white collar crime should be taken very seriously. Grand jury indictments may be avoided if proactive action is taken at the right stages of FBI or grand jury investigations.

Criminal defense lawyer Josh Saegert provides experienced, proactive, and expedient defense representation to clients who have become aware that they are the target of an FBI or grand jury investigation.

Financial & Other White Collar Crimes


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