Firearm Crimes

Texas law and federal law have several weapons offenses. Commonly charged weapons offenses include:

  • Unlawfully carrying a weapon
  • Discharging a firearm in a public place or certain municipalities
  • Felon in a possession of a weapon
  • Possessing or selling prohibited weapons
  • Carrying a weapon into a prohibited place like an airport
  • Carry or Use of a Firearm During Violent or Drug Crime
  • False Statement to Firearms Dealer


Punishments for weapons cases can be severe. Recently, to stem the tide of firearms going from the U.S. to Mexico for use in the drug trade, the government has increased prosecutions for “straw man,” purchases or when someone buys a firearm for someone else.

Austin criminal defense attorney, Josh Saegert has significant experience representing individuals who have been charged with firearm crimes on a state and federal level. He vigorously represents clients in Austin and throughout central Texas.

Firearm Crimes


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